Clearvale is the social network for business, where transparency and accountability mean real work gets done. Organizations use the Clearvale integrated social platform to engage with employees, customers, and business partners to share knowledge, create relationships, crowd-source ideas, and improve business efficiency through collaboration in online communities and networks.

Clearvale is fully customizable and enables companies to unlock true business potential by empowering participants to:


business processes, sources of knowledge, and adoption


colleagues, partners, and customers


anytime, with anyone, and on any device

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Because working socially is about more than adopting a social platform—it is a means to an end in improving business performance—the Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation (SET) program provides the best practices, training and guidance you need to successfully transition to a social enterprise using Clearvale.

Clearvale Enterprise is available as a standalone network for use with either internal or external members. Alternatively, Clearvale can be configured as a hybrid network for both internal members and invited (external) guests to allow all participants from different organizations to collaborate seamlessly and securely in a single network.

Clearvale also provides the ability to connect several separate but related networks together in a social ecosystem. A social ecosystem is a network of networks, allowing you to control content sharing and access for a variety of different groups to reflect real business relationships and improve company performance

Clearvale Features


Manage, filter and personalize multiple data streams from one easy to use interface. Integrate content from within your Clearvale network and external data in a single view. Follow groups, people and content, and monitor all of it in your own personal network space.

Profiles, Member Directory & Contacts

Clearvale Enterprise turns your workforce into an online community, giving your company flexible enterprise collaboration tools for team development. Members can easily post and share information with one another, creating a powerful enterprise social network. Find out what others in your company are working on, so you’re always in tune.

Enterprise Social Mobile

Users of Apple and Android mobile devices can use Clearvale apps to access the Clearvale network via a mobile device. Clearvale collaboration software is also optimized for mobile browsers, making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues from virtually any device.

Network and Community Cloning

Businesses can reduce the time to market by “cloning” pre-designed networks and communities. Create multiple spaces for internal working groups, partners and customers with just a few clicks.

Document Management

Clearvale collaboration tools enable you to easily share different types of files. Our robust document management and file storage system provides versioning, file history tracking, categorization, and user-level access controls.

Customizable Themes and Layouts

Easily customize the look and feel of entire networks, communities and profile pages for consistency with your company’s brand. Choose which functionalities and widgets to use and where to place them.

API Integration

Clearvale features out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook while comprehensive developer APIs enable integration with other enterprise applications.

Enterprise Social Ecosystems

Create an intranet space for internal collaboration, then expand your world with extranets for customers, partners and support services. Enterprise social ecosystems radically energize your online presence via your very own network of networks. Businesses can easily navigate from network to network throughout their entire business world.

RSS Feeds

Import valuable news streams and helpful content from specific websites or blogs that are of interest to you, other members of a specific community, or all network participants.

Enterprise Social Communities

Clearvale Enterprise collaboration software allows you to form groups around relevant departments, projects, general interests, and more, enabling employees to share information and ideas with each other, partners, and customers, creating an effective enterprise social network.


Assign tasks with descriptions and due dates to specific enterprise social network members. Attach relevant documents, track progress and add others as needed. Tasks can even be reassigned to colleagues. Receive notifications when tasks are completed. Clearvale’s powerful task management ensures projects are completed on time.

Blogs, Microblogs, Wikis, Forums, Polls & More

Share information and news faster than ever before. Enable interaction via ratings and comments. Quickly build an enterprise wiki, allowing your workforce to share information freely at all times. Clearvale’s social collaboration tools allow your teams to learn and apply critical knowledge much more quickly.

Social Analytics

Clearvale Social Analytics provide a unique set of metrics designed to measure network usage and assess the value of contribution to help you foster an active social network. Dashboards at the member and network levels provide at-a-glance visibility into these key metrics.

Hybrid Networks

Clearvale collaboration software provides organizations with the ability to invite participants from different organizations to collaborate seamlessly and securely in a single network. Clearvale allows networks to be private, semi-private, and public, while handling issues germane to B2B, B2C, and internal business collaboration, simultaneously. This enables businesses to collaborate effectively and securely in order to mirror real world business relationships.

Photo / Video

Upload and share pictures and video with members of your network.

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