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Social Enterprise Transformation Program

We know that the hardest part of implementing any business solution is getting started, and dealing with the change in work habits required for successful implementation. Many employees remain wedded to working practices that discourage knowledge sharing, impeding the flow of information around the company. We can help you change that.

90 Day Program

The Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation (SET) program takes your organization through a 90 day process of planning, establishing and refining your social enterprise ecosystem. More than just a technology implementation plan, the SET program is designed to help your organization successfully transition to a social enterprise. With SET, you and your colleagues will enjoy the improved knowledge flows, accelerated innovation, and better collaboration that come with a successful social transformation.

Benefits of the SET program include:

  • Custom social enterprise transformation plan tailored to your organization's needs
  • Meetings with our SET consulting team who will assist you with planning, implementation and review of your social transformation
  • Access to a dedicated SET community powered by Clearvale for support and assistance from BroadVision and other organizations in the SET program

Let BroadVision help you transform your organization from a content- and process-centric need-to-know culture, to a people-centric need-to-share culture.

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The Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation Program

Check out the video to learn more about the features and benefits of the Clearvale SET Program.

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