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Clearvale is a cloud-based enterprise social networking solution that helps businesses engage with employees, customers and partners. Only the Clearvale social platform enables businesses to create separate social networks for each of these groups, but manage them together as a whole, creating a social enterprise ecosystem. Within an organization, Clearvale improves knowledge exchange, encourages innovation and connects employees with each other, dramatically improving business efficiency. Outside an organization, Clearvale connects a company with its customers and partners, providing greater insight into customer needs, and helping build a more mutually-beneficial relationship.

Because working socially is about more than adopting a social platform, the Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation (SET) program provides the best practices, training and guidance you need to successfully transition to a social enterprise using Clearvale.

Clearvale comes in two editions and is also available via the PaasPort reseller program:

Clearvale Express Logo Clearvale Express: a free, simple tool for organizations wanting to get started with enterprise social networking. It includes basic collaboration capabilities, file sharing, and activity streams for a single network.
Clearvale Enterprise Logo Clearvale Enterprise: In addition to the basic social networking features of Clearvale Express, Clearvale Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade capabilities including collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, forums, and polls; mobile access to keep network members up to date while on the road; LDAP and OpenID authentication; comprehensive developer APIs; and the ability to completely customize style sheets as well as configure the layout of features to reflect your brand identity and network goals.
Clearvale Passport Logo For organizations seeking to establish their own value-add network of networks, or branded, social app stores, Clearvale PaasPort provides the ability to host and/or resell Clearvale to their customers either as-is or as part of a larger service offering or portal.



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