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Clearvale is a cloud-based enterprise social networking solution that helps businesses engage with employees, customers and partners. Using an advanced Enterprise 2.0 architecture, only Clearvale Enterprise software enables businesses to create separate social networks for each of these groups, but manage them together as a whole, creating a social enterprise ecosystem.

Like consumer social networking sites, Clearvale Enterprise social networks provide users with the ability to meet, build relationships, share ideas, create content, and learn from one another. But unlike consumer social networking sites, microblogging services, and the like, Clearvale Enterprise is a true Enterprise 2.0 platform that provides the ability to create robust, high-availability extranets, intranets, or portals and choose whether to provide them as open communities (as for customers or partners), as highly secure sites (as for employees, vendors, etc.) or both.

Clearvale Enterprise is based in the cloud, offering flexibility and agility, and doesn’t require software installation. No need for multiple logins. No need for IT assistance and lengthy implementations. No more isolated silos. Just a productive, social enterprise ecosystem.

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Clearvale Enterprise - letting you do business the way it should be done.

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