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Aeroxchange is a large, global supply chain conducting business in several languages and across multiple time zones. They needed a collaboration platform that is easy to maintain, exists in the cloud and would allow them to create multiple networks, each with its own needs regarding privacy and security.

Using BroadVision Clearvale, Aeroxchange has seen a boost in the quality of specs generated within several design communities, the ability to stimulate vibrant information-sharing across different groups, and the ability to collaborate on complex timelines set by airlines in the ecosystem.

About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange provides supply chain collaboration solutions to maximize efficiency across the complex aviation supply chain. As an open, neutral platform, it provides a seamless means for electronic commerce and procurement solutions between the world's largest airlines and suppliers within the industry. For more information about Aeroxchange, visit

"For some time, we've understood that a social networking solution might provide the foundation for future development and expanded collaboration. But we had a few tough requirements. First, the network would need to be hosted in the cloud providing security and worldwide availability. Second, the platform would need to be DIY (do-it-yourself), so as to minimize the learning curve and time-to-market. Finally, the platform would need to enable us to easily navigate across a network of both public and private groups, because that reflects the way business is done in our world. Clearvale met all three requirements. We are only six months into this project, and already we are seeing results across the ecosystem." — Al Koszarek, President and CEO of Aeroxchange

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Centro Nazionale Trapianti Logo

Centro Nazionale Trapianti (CNT), the Italian National Transplant Centre, is a technical body of the Italian Ministry of Health. CNT coordinates all activities concerning donation, allocation and transplantation of organs. Clearvale helps CNT to improve collaboration and information flow among health professionals who act as coordinators to Organ Donation.

A Clearvale collaboration space has been created to exchange information, know-how and experience among medical corps where community members can discuss issues related to professional practice, difficulties and medical clinics.

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Confindustria Lombardia Logo

The Coordination of Advanced Services of Confindustria Lombardia, with the aim of creating a businesses virtual network to facilitate the exchange between companies and territories and stimulate internal communication in the territory has developed a social network based on Clearvale powered by BroadVision.

The network empowering the access and availability of business information facilitates and promotes communication and business between companies in the sector but also among companies of different sectors.

Confindustria Lombardia is the federation of 12 associations of Confindstria of the Lombardia’s territories with more than 15 000 companies and about 750 000 employees.

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Gemeente Tilburg is a municipality in the Netherlands that manages the City of Tilburg as well as providing support for the surrounding towns and villages within the wider region of Brabant. Already known for its openness to adopting new technologies and methodologies, the Municipality of Tilburg was looking for a way to improve communication among its employees, increase interaction with its citizens and encourage collaboration among the public, businesses and government institutions. Having relied on BroadVision for its external website,, and for their employee intranet (Binnenweb) for the last 8 years, Tilburg were looking to extend the reach of their intranet to the civil servants working outside of the immediate City of Tilburg.

The plan was to use portal micro-sites to provide the necessary dissemination of information and foster two-way communication amongst the various communities. This was proving cumbersome to implement for a variety of reasons, not least that it was not really able to deliver the social layer they were looking for to help foster collaboration and improve communication amongst the civil servants. However, on reviewing BroadVision’s enterprise social network Clearvale, the Tilburg team realized this met all of their criteria regarding their project requirements and would help them quickly meet their goals.

“Clearvale gave us the opportunity to share information with the city as well as within the organization. The possibility to create separate communities is by far the most valuable feature as it gives us a measure of flexibility that we really appreciate.”
-Michiel Duijsings, Web Manager, Municipality of Tilburg

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Gruppo Reti Logo

As part of Gruppo Reti, ICT Consulting is the main activity company on domestic and international markets. Over 160 professionals in possession of the major IT certifications are the strength that allowed Networks Group developed steadily over the years.

“Professional growth and development of resources are the foundation of our success. Gruppo Reti has chosen Clearvale powered by BroadVision to make its intranet Web 2.0 with the aim of sharing information, knowledge, and skills in a real collaborative environment.”

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Softbank Logo Download the case study

Understanding the importance of “social business”, SOFTBANK TELECOM decided to use the Clearvale unified communications platform. Clearvale allows their business customers to connect to blogs, microblogs, files, forums, videos, wikis, and pictures on enterprise social networks through wireless devices and computers, as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that runs in a VMware cloud-based environment. SOFTBANK TELECOM’s enterprise social networking is offered to businesses within its premium communication and collaboration services.

“SOFTBANK TELECOM's vision of the "social business cloud‟ – an environment where employees, partners, and customers can freely connect and collaborate with one another via their wireless network – is both timely and compelling. By using BroadVision® social networking in the cloud, powered by VMware®, we can significantly improve business productivity and our customer‟s ability to innovate across their entire business ecosystem.”
— Ken Miyauchi, Chief Operations Officer, SOFTBANK TELECOM


SOFTBANK Group is the holding company for several businesses linked to Internet culture, technology services and e-commerce. Three companies are at the core of the operation: SOFTBANK BB for broadband infrastructure, SoftBank Telecom for fixed communication and SoftBank Mobile for mobile telecommunication business. Going forward the SoftBank Group intends to unify and roll out all of its products involving cloud computing service technologies under the new White Cloud brand name. The White Cloud computing service for corporations provide hardware resources via a network using SoftBank Telecom's telecommunications infrastructure and data centers, were launched in February 2010.

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Tech Tree Logo Download the case study

TechTree IT Systems was looking for a way to meet multiple goals: improve customer satisfaction, increase internal collaboration and knowledge sharing, and retain more of its employees. Deciding that an enterprise social network would be the best way to meet these goals, TechTree IT chose Clearvale. Impressed with Clearvale’s robust features and ease of use, TechTree IT Systems instantly began using Clearvale as a platform for employee interaction and knowledge sharing across all communities of the TechTree IT network. TechTree also uses Clearvale to manage current customers and business targets.

About Tech Tree IT

TechTree IT specializes in building high performance business applications for mid-market and enterprise organizations that need solution on Portals and Collaboration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Unified Communications. Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the critical needs of our customers like ability to scale up rapidly, collaborate across geographies, and support fail-safe operations. Our highly skilled professionals with in depth domain knowledge and expertise in verticals like Banking, Travel, Distribution, Manufacturing, Media, Insurance, Technology, Education etc., provide comprehensive IT solutions for your current and future needs with high returns on investment.

“To be a member of Clearvale is an integral part of TechTree IT Systems Induction program. Every new member of TechTree IT is sent an invite to join the TechTree IT Clearvale network and thus a sense of camaraderie is achieved between employees. Employees also post various motivational content and this acts as a booster to their day-to-day work at the organization. Recent project success stories are also shared with employees.”
- Lt Col Sanjay Ahuja, COO, TechTree IT Systems Pvt Ltd.

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