Changing the Administrator


The person who creates a Clearvale network is given the special role of Owner. The network Owner can choose to share network administration tasks by giving other people in the network administrative roles. Administrative roles include:

  • Owner.  The network owner has full administrative control of the network. The owner can assign the role of Owner to another person. Only one person can have the role of  Owner. The owner of the network is typically the person who created the network, unless they have designated the role to another person.
  • Supervisor. This role gives people full management control over a network. They can manage users, change all network administrative settings, and moderate content. Supervisors can assign roles to other people but cannot assign the role of Owner.
  • Administrator. This role allows people to manage users and change the network administrative settings. Administrators, however, cannot operate in administrative mode and see private content. Administrators can assign roles to other people but cannot make other people Owners, Supervisors, or Moderators.

To make other people network administrators:

  • Go to Admin>Member Administration>Members.
  • In the Network Role drop-down menu next to the member’s name, select Owner, Supervisor or Administrator.