Changing the Widgets on a Page

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

When a network is initially created, some default pages are provided. You can use these pages as designed or you can customize them to meet your needs:

  • Network page, accessed by the Network tab. Only the network owner and administrators can change this page.  The Network page is optional and may not be enabled for your network. See here for more information.
  • Community pages, accessed by the Communities tab. Only the owner or administrator of a community can change a community page. See here for more information.
  • Personal pages, accessed by the My Page tab. Each network member has a personal page and they can change this page to suit their needs. See here for more information.

Each element on a page is a widget. For example, the Files block and Network Activities block are widgets. To move these around on the page or to add or delete other widgets, click the Edit Layout tab. The page layout editor appears:

  • To move a widget from one column to another, click the icon and drag the widget where you want it.
  • To add a widget to one of the columns, find the widget in the Widget Gallery, click the icon, and drag the widget where you want it.
  • To delete a widget from a page, click the icon and drag the widget into the Widget Gallery.

Click Save when done.

TIP: If you do not see the Edit Layout tab on a page, you do not have permission to change the widgets on that page.

You can also change the behavior of individual widgets by clicking Edit in the widget title bar. For more information about each widget, see the help links under Work with Widgets.