Understanding Member Roles

Each network member has a role:

  • Owner has complete control over a network. The owner may transfer ownership to another member.
  • Supervisors have full management control over a network. They can manage users, change all network administrative settings, and moderate content. Supervisors can assign roles to members but cannot make other member Owners.
  • Administrators  can manage users and can change all network administrative settings. Administrators, however,  cannot operate in administrative mode and see private content. Administrators can assign roles to members but cannot make other members  Owners, Supervisors, or Moderators.
  • Moderators are members who do not manage the network settings or members. Moderators may access and edit all content in the network and regulate which content appears in network or community widgets. Moderators can also view and receive notifications of reported content. Moderators can operate in administrative mode.  (This role is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.)
  • Writers can create and modify content such as forum topics, files, blogs, and so on to which they have access permissions. They may be able to create communities if the writer role is configured to allow for creating communities.
  • Restricted Writers can create and modify content such as forum topics, files, blogs, and so on to which they have access permissions. They cannot create communities. However, they can be given community administrator authority for a community.
  • Readers are primarily view-only members. Readers can create limited content as described in the table below. (This role is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.)
  • Disabled members have had their accounts closed. Content created by disabled members remains in the network. The personal page for the disabled member, however, is no longer available unless you are an administrator or owner of the network.
  • BETA:  If you have a hybrid network, two additional roles are available: Regular Guest and Special Guest. Guests can participate, at a minimum, within any guest communities to which they have been invited. Depending on how your hybrid network is configured, and the types of communities available in your network, they may also be able to participate in external communities that they join on their own as well as on the Network page. Guests in general have the same abilities as writers. For example, guests can create and modify content within guest communities and external communities to which they belong. Use the Special Guest role for guests who require additional anonymity.

The following table lists the permissions given to each role. A disabled member has no permissions to access Clearvale.


Supervisor or Administrator


Writer or Restricted Writer



Transfer Network Ownership
Manage Network Members
Change Network Administrative Settings
Moderate Content Supervisors yes, Administrators no
Assign Network Roles
Grant or Revoke Administrator Role
Receive Feedback from Feedback Link
Receive Notifications About Reported Content Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
Choose Widgets to Display on Network Page Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
Choose Content to Display in Network Widgets Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
Choose Widgets to Display on Community Page Clearvale Enterprise-specific. Owners, administrators, and moderators can update the widget layout for any community. Writers can only update the widget configuration for their own communities.
Choose Content to Display in Community Widgets
Edit All Content Supervisors yes, Administrators no
View Content
Create & Modify Content
  • Blogs
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Events
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Bookmarks
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Polls
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Wikis
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Freeform
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Forum
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
  • Forum topic
Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
Rate Content
Create Communities Writers may be able to create communities (see below). Restricted Writers can never create a community.
Clone Communities Clearvale Enterprise-specific. If cloning is enabled, owners and administrators can clone any community; moderators and writers can only clone their own communities.
Create Community Folders
Leave Comments
Vote in Polls Clearvale Enterprise-specific.
Update Your Own Profile
Send Messages


To configure the role of Writer:

  • Select Admin>Member Administration.
  • Click Show Role Descriptions/Configure Roles.
  • Check whether or not you want Writers to be able to create and manage communities.

The following features are specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Members have the option of being anonymous on the network. Anonymous members’ identifying information is not visible to members with writer or reader roles. Owner, administrator, and moderator roles can always see a person’s profile information, regardless of the anonymous settings, because of the tasks the people in these roles must perform.

Setting the Default Role for New Network Members

By default, new network members are assigned the Writer role. As the network Owner, Supervisor, or Administrator, you can change this so that new members have the Reader role instead. Note that the Writer role can be configured so that Writers can or cannot create and manage communities.

To change the default role assigned to new network members:

  • Select Admin>Member Administration.
  • In the Default Role for New Members drop-down list, select the new role. Options are Reader or Writer.