My Streams

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

The My Streams widget displays notifications about changes being made to content that pertains to you. It also includes tabs for your action items and messages. This particular widget is limited to the Network page. However, your personal page includes a block that offers the same functionality. See Managing Your Activity Stream for more information.

By default, the following appears in Activity tab of the My Streams widget:

  • Links to all followed activity.
  • Your own activities (unless you configure to hide these).
  • Activities pertaining to your content (comments, replies, and updates).
  • Content explicitly shared with you (either by a particular user or because you are following a community).
  • Notification if another member is following you.

To change the activities that appear in the My Streams widget, select an option from the Streams drop-down. Options are:

  • All Activity. Shows all activity updates for all members that you are following, all content that you are following, and all communities that you are following. This option also includes all of your updates.
  • Followed Activity. Shows all activity updates for all members, content, and communities that you are following, but does not show your updates.
  • My Activity. Shows just your updates and no one else’s activity updates.
  • Status Updates. Shows just the status updates for the members that you are following.
  • My Content Activity. Shows all activities performed on your content by other members. For example, this includes comments made on your content and any updates made to the content by those who have edit authority.

You can post a message to your followers in the What’s on your mind? field. Enter the message and then click Post. The post is visible to you and your followers. You can also comment on some of the My Stream entries.

The Action Items tab contains activities that require attention from you. These include:

  • Community invitations
  • Review Reported content (Administrators and Moderators only)
  • Requests by others to join your invitation-required communities (Community administrators only)
  • Membership requests by potential network members (Network Owner and Administrators only)
  • Review Network Feedback (Network Owner and Administrators only)

The Messages tab allows you to exchange private messages with other network members. If the chat feature is enabled for your network, the Chats tab appears instead of the Messages tab. For information on using the chat feature, see “Working with Chats.”

Notes about this widget:

  • To change the way that updates are displayed in this widget, you can click Edit and change the settings:
    • You can change the title “My Streams.” For example, you might change it to “Network Updates.”
    • You can choose the number of feed items to display.
  • This widget is different than the Network Activities widget that also can appear on the Network page in that the notifications that appear in My Streams are specific to you, not general for all network members. This widget also includes tabs for tracking action items and messages.