Using OpenID Authentication

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

As a network administrator, you can configure your network to support OpenID authentication. OpenID allows network members to sign into the network with their OpenID URL. When you select this option, the login page to your network provides a field for the OpenID URL as well as the traditional Clearvale login and password fields. Network members can choose how they prefer to log in.

To configure OpenID authentication:

  • Go to Admin>Authentication.
  • Enable the OpenID Authentication option.

When members sign into Clearvale network with their OpenID URL for the first time, the values for email ID, first name, and last name are requested by Clearvale. If any of the requested values are not sent back to Clearvale by the provider, then you are prompted to input the corresponding values.

Members can change their profile settings by selecting My Profile>Edit Settings>Account Settings and specifying different profile attributes. Members can also change their OpenID URL on this page as well.