Managing Your Activity Stream

Clearvale lets you follow network members, specific communities, and individual pieces of content within your network. When you choose to follow members, communities, or content, Clearvale keeps you in the loop regarding what you are following by posting updates in the Activity stream on your personal page (click the  My Page tab). These updates are specific to the people, communities, and content that you are following.


Posting Status Updates

You can post a status update (also called a note or microblog) to your followers in the What’s on your mind? field. Enter an update and then click Post. The update is visible to you and your followers in the activity stream. People that are following you can rate your status update in their activity stream by clicking Yes or No after the Helpful? prompt.

Use the  icon to add an image to your post:

  • Use the  sub-icon to add an image from your computer to your post.
  • Use the  sub-icon to add an image from the network to your post.

TIP: To make URLs live in the Activity stream, prefix the URL with http:// or https://.

Commenting on Activities in the Stream

You can also comment on the updates that you see in the Activity stream. Simply add a comment in the What do you think? field and click Comment. (Use the  icon as described above to add an image to a comment.)

Additionally, you can click on an item in the stream to display the detail page for the item. On the detail page, you can read the item in detail, add a comment, see comments added by others, and rate the content as being helpful or not.

Using the Activity Tab

The Activity tab includes your activity stream. It includes:

  • Links to all followed activity.
  • Your own activities (unless you configure to hide these).
  • Activities pertaining to your content (comments, replies, and updates).
  • Content explicitly shared with you (either by a particular user or because you are following a community).
  • Notification if another member is following you.

To change the activities that appear in your Activity stream, select an option from the Streams drop-down. Options are:

  • All Activity. Shows all activity updates for all members that you are following, all content that you are following, and all communities that you are following. This option also includes all of your updates.
  • Followed Activity. Shows all activity updates for all members, content, and communities that you are following, but does not show your updates.
  • My Activity. Shows just your updates and no one else’s activity updates.
  • My Content Activity. Shows all activities performed on your content by other members. For example, this includes comments made on your content and any updates made to the content by those who have edit authority.
  • Status Updates. Shows just the status updates for the members that you are following.

You can also create your own stream filter, described below.

Using the Action Items Tab

The Action Items tab contains activities that require attention from you. These include:

  • Community invitations
  • Tasks that have been assigned to you
  • Review Reported content (Clearvale Enterprise-specific, Administrators and Moderators only)
  • Requests by others to join your invitation-required communities (Community administrators only)
  • Membership requests by potential network members (Network Owner and Administrators only)
  • Review Network Feedback (Network Owner and Administrators only)

Using the Messages or Chats Tab

The Messages tab allows you to exchange private messages with other network members.

  • Click New message to create a message to send to network members or a group of members. After you send a message, it appears in the members’ message box. Click Back to Inbox to go back to your message box.
  • To see the messages you have previously sent, click Sent. To toggle back to your inbox, click Inbox.
  • To delete messages from your inbox, select the messages to delete and click Delete Selected.

If the Chat feature is enabled for your network, the Messages tab is replaced with the Chats tab. The Chats tab lists your most recent chat threads. For information on using chats, see “Working with Chats.”

Use the buttons at the top of the Activity stream to manage what appears in your Activity tab:

  • Click the Refresh button  to refresh your activity stream without having to refresh the entire page.
  • Click the Connections button  to view and manage your connections. Your connections include the people, communities, and content that you are following and the people who are following you.
  • Click the Settings button  to configure your activity stream settings and to determine any email notifications you want to receive.
    • Control what appears in your Activity stream regarding members, communities and content that you follow.
    • Choose to follow all network activity in your activity stream.
    • Choose to follow all content items on which you comment in your activity stream.
    • Hide your activity–just show other members’ activities in your activity stream.
    • Additionally, you can set notifications to send to your email inbox.

When other people view your page, they see only your activities in the activity stream. They do not see  updates from the people, communities, and content  that you are following.

Popup Notifications in Lower-Right Corner

Clearvale provides a small popup window in the lower-right corner of the page to notify you when someone comments on a chat or other content to which you have access. The popup appears just for a couple moments and then goes away.

Push Notifications

If push notifications are enabled for your network,  blue badges on the tabs of your activity stream indicate that new information is available.







A blue badge on the Activity tab indicates the number of network activities that you haven’t seen. A blue badge on the Action Items tab indicates the number of action item notifications that you haven’t seen. Click the blue bar labeled You have new notification(s), click to view to see the actions in your activity stream, or simply refresh the page.

A red badge appears on the Network tab when you are on a page of the network that doesn’t contain your activity stream. The red badge shows the sum of the activities and action items that you have not seen.

Additionally, you will see green check marks  next to network participants who are currently online.

Creating a Custom Stream

You can create a custom activity stream filter. With a custom filter, you can limit the content in your activity stream to a subset of the people or content that you are following. To create a custom filter:

  1. Click the Custom Stream button  next to the Streams label.
  2. Enter a stream name.
  3. Under Only include…, select Followed Members, Followed Communities, or Followed Contents.
  4. Then, in the center column, select the specific members, communities, or content to include in the stream. Place a checkmark next to who or what to include in the stream and then click Add Selected. As you add items to your stream, they appear in the far right of the window, under Your Stream.
  5. Click Save.

After you create your custom stream, it appears as an option in the Streams drop-down list. Your stream is also automatically refreshed to filter contents based on your custom stream.

If You Are Using a Clearvale Enterprise Network

The following is specific to Clearvale Enterprise networks:

  • If your Network page has a My Streams widget, you will see the same messages in the Activity tab of that widget as the Activity stream on your personal page (click My Page tab).
  • If you do not see the Activities stream on your personal page, your network is probably using the Classic layout which does not provide this block. In this case, click the My Streams link on your My Profile page to display your Activity stream.
  • Your network may be configured so that content links that you have read (or at least viewed) appear in a different color in your activity stream. For example, the network administrator may configure your network to show already visited links in purple. Note that due to the way that Clearvale generates URLs for pages, if you view a content item through a link in one activity stream, it may not appear as being read in all content streams.
  • In addition to the Activity stream that appears on your personal page, Clearvale provides the following activity streams:
    • Network Activities widget, which can appear only on the Network page. This activity stream shows all network activity, not just content that you are following.
    • Community Activities widget, which can appear only a community page. This activity stream shows all community activity.
    • Your activity stream may also appear on the Network page if the network administrator included the My Stream widget.