Following Members and More

Any network member can choose to follow other network members. When you follow a member, you are telling Clearvale to keep you in the loop regarding what this member is up to in Clearvale. In addition to following members, you can also follow communities and specific pieces of content in Clearvale.

  • To follow another member, click the Members tab and then click the Follow link next to the member to follow.
  • To follow a community, navigate to the community and click Follow. When you join a community, you are automatically following that community.
  • To follow a piece of content, navigate to the content, such as a file, and click Follow.
  • To stop following a person, community, or piece of content, switch the Follow toggle to Stop Following.

When you follow members, communities, or content, you will receive notifications related to these in your the activity stream of your Activity stream. For example, if a member you are following posts some new content, you will see a message in your activity stream. Or, if someone joins a community that you are following, you will see a message in your activity stream.