Customizing Tables


You can customize the look of tables on Clearvale pages. Tables appear on pages where a list of data is returned, such as the list of files on the Files page or the list of forums on the Forums page. You can overload the columns in the CSS to change the look of the table. For example, for “Forums” you can see that the class of the table is named “col_2_table forum”

<table class=”col_2_table forum” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ border=”0″>
<th style=”cursor:pointer;” onclick=”tableStyleEntityListSort(‘topic’)”>

You can overload the columns in CSS using something like:

#forum table.col_2_table tr td:nth-child(n)

You can customize the following tables:

URL “class” definition Menu/Location
/pg/members class=”col_2_table members_table”> Participants
/pg/cv_content class=”col_2_table content” Files
/pg/groups class=”col_2_table groups_table” Communities
/pg/forum class=”col_2_table forum” Forum
/pg/reports class=”col_2_table reports_table” Reports
/pg/members/group class=”col_2_table userfolder” Participants Groups
/pg/groups/members/group class=”col_2_table groupmembers” Community Participants in Communities
/pg/groups/admin class=”col_2_table groupadmin” Manage Participants in Communities