Editing Files

To make changes to the content of a file, download the file, make the changes, and then re-upload the file to Clearvale. After uploading the file, optionally add any notes about the file, such as information about what you changed. Then click Save.

If you entered notes about the file changes,  the notes are included in any email notifications generated as a result of the file update.

Using a Soft Lock

If you are working on a file that allows other people multiple to edit as well as yourself,  place a soft lock on the file to indicate to others that changes are pending for the file. To put a soft lock on a file, click Lock on the detail page of the file.  Make your changes to the file and then upload a newer version. When you have uploaded the new version, click Remove Lock to remove the soft lock from the file.  It is important to note that a soft lock does not prevent others from making changes to the file—anyone with Edit permission for the file can remove the lock and upload a new version of their file.

If the lock has been removed, you should review the history log before uploading a new version of a file. The history log provides an audit trail of previous downloads, uploads, views, and user information. Verify whether or not another member has uploaded a new version since you began working on the file. If so, merge the changes from each file before uploading or you will overwrite another user’s work.