Creating Folders

Folders in Clearvale are different from typical folder systems with which you may be familiar. With Clearvale, you can associate your files with no folders, one folder, or multiple folders.

To create a folder:

  • Navigate to the Network page to add a network-level folder, a community page to add a community-based folder, or your personal page (click My Page tab) to add a personal folder.
  • Click the Files link in the directory widget to display the files for this space.
  • Select Edit in the Folders box.
  • Click Add Folder.
  • Type a Name for your folder.
  • Click Save.

You can also add sub-folders to your folders.

To add a file to a folder, navigate to the details page of the file and click one of the following:

  • Add to My Folders to add your own file to a folder.
  • Add to Network Folders to add a network-level file to a folder.
  • Add to Community Folder to add a community-level file to a folder.

Click Add to folder to add the file to one or more folders. Click Save when done. (To add multiple files to a folder, click the  My Files shortcuts icon. Place a check next to each file to add to a folder and select Actions>Add to My Folders or Add to Network File Folders.)

To edit a folder:

  • Select Edit in the Folders box.
  • Navigate to the folder that you want to edit.
  • Type a new name in the folders name box.
  • Click Save.

Folders are visible to everyone. To prevent someone from seeing a folder, place the folder in a private community.