Community Chat


This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

The Community Chat widget keeps a running thread of messages between all community members.

Notes about this widget:

  • This widget can appear only on a community page in your network.
  • To change the way content is displayed in this widget, click Edit and change the settings:
    • You can change the title “Community Chat.” For example, you might change it to “Community Messenger.”
  • All community members can participate in the community chat. New members added to the community have permission to see all comments added previously to the chat.  When members leave the community, they can no longer see the chat.
  • To add a comment to the chat thread, enter the comment in the text box and click Done.
  • Use the  icon to upload an attachment to the chat thread.  Click  >Upload to upload a new file to the community chat. Click  >Recent to use a file already uploaded to the community. The files associated with the chat are located in the chat thread as well as the Chat Attachments community folder.