Community Chats

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Community administrators can add the Community Chat widget to a community by using Edit Layout tab for the community.

When community administrators add this widget to a community, a new chat thread is created for the community. All community members can read the thread and add new messages to the thread.


Enter the new message in the text box at the bottom and click Done. Community members can also upload file attachments to the community chat by using the  button and selecting Upload to add a new file to the community or Recent to use a file previously uploaded to the community.

If you want to use the rich text editor to write your comment, click the  button. Your My Chats page appears with the current chat selected. You can choose from the following editor options:

  • Rich text editor, . Use this to display the full selection of editing options to format your chat comment.
  • Plain text editor, . Use this to type text with no formatting options.
  • Basic text editor, . Use this to type text with no formatting options. With this editor, pressing the Enter key submits your comment.
  • Image editor, . Use this to upload an image to the comment.
  • Audio editor, . Use this to upload a pre-recorded audio file or to record a new audio file to include in the comment.
  • Video editor, . Use this to upload a video file to the comment.

When you add a file to chat thread, the file is placed in a folder named Chat Attachments in the community. To see the files associated with a community chat, click Files in the Community Directory widget, and then navigate to the Chat Attachments folder.

If new members are invited or join a community, they can see all comments previously added to the chat thread. When a community member leaves a community, they can no longer participate in the chat thread.