This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

The Clearvale Twitter widget allows you to share tweets on any page in your network.

To edit the Twitter widget within Clearvale:

1. Place the Twitter widget on a page within your network.
2. Click Edit to configure the widget:

  • Set the number of tweets to show at one time in the Clearvale Twitter widget. The most recent tweets that match your query are shown. Use No Limit to allow for scrolling through all of the tweets that match your query.
  • Select whether to show your tweets in the Twitter widget with a white or dark background.
  • Choose the type of  tweets to display:
    • Click Timeline to display tweets from a particular person. In the Enter a username field, enter the person’s Twitter username.
    • Click Favorites to display tweets marked as favorites by a particular person. In the Enter a username field, enter the person’s Twitter username.
    • Click List to display a Twitter list. Enter the list owner and list name in the Enter twitter list owner and Enter twitter list name fields, respectively.
    • Click Search to display the results of a Twitter search.  This option requires that you first create a custom widget in Twitter that defines the search. Then you can enter the unique ID for the widget that you generated at in the Twitter widget ID field.
  • You can change the title “Twitter.” For example, you might change it to “CEO Tweets.”
  • You can control who sees this widget.

3. Click Save when done configuring the widget.

Refreshing the Tweets in the Twitter widget

Click the Click to refresh link on the Twitter widget in your Clearvale network to refresh the tweets that appear in the widget.