RSS Feed

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

The RSS Feed widget lets you display RSS feeds as well as Atom feeds in your network. Feeds are provided by various news sources. You need the URL for the feed you want to include in your network.

Notes about this widget:

  • This widget can appear on any page in your network.
  • When you place this widget on a page, you must initially configure it to access the desired RSS feed. Click Edit and then specify the URL for the feed to include. This widget is limited to HTTP feeds.  If you specify a feed that uses HTTP Secure (HTTPS), the feed will not work.
  • To change the way content is displayed in this widget, click Edit and change the settings:
    • By default, 10 items are listed at a time. You can change it to show more or fewer items.
    • You can check the option to include an excerpt of the content in addition to the content title.
    • You can check the option to include the post date of the content item.
    • You can change the title “RSS Feed.” For example, you might change it to “New York Times Feed.”
    • You can control who can see this widget.