This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

The Polls widget lets you poll network members on their preferences. To create a poll, first make sure that the Polls widget is on the desired page. Then click Add Poll in the Polls widget.

Define the poll by specifying a polling question and then the possible responses in the poll. When defining the poll, you can:

  • Control where the poll appears by setting sharing options. You can share with the network space. Additionally or alternatively, you can share with one or more communities. Select a space from the drop-down list and then click the Add icon.
  • Limit the poll to a single or multiple responses. For example, you can ask members to select their favorite color (one response) or favorite colors (multiple responses).
  • Limit members to a single vote or multiple votes. That is, once a member votes, they cannot vote again. Or, they can vote as many times as they like.

Once someone participates in the poll, they see a bar graph of the poll results in the polling widget. As the owner of a poll, you can view the poll results without having to vote in the poll. Click the Show Results link. Note that other network members do not see this link. They must vote in order to see the poll results.

Notes about this widget:

  • This widget can appear on any page in your network.
  • To change the way content is displayed in this widget, click Edit and change the settings:
    • Select the polls to display. You can select a particular poll or the most recent polls.
    • If you are showing recent polls, by default, up to five polls are shown at a time. You can change this to show more or fewer polls at one time.
    • Set Display Full View to Yes to display the poll in the widget. Set it to No to display a link to the poll in the widget.
    • You can change the title “Polls.” For example, you might change it to “Current Polls.”
    • You can control who can see this widget.
  • To close a poll, click More at the bottom of the polling widget. Select the poll to close and then click the Edit link. Change the status to Closed.

When creating a personal poll, as a network administrator, you have the option of flagging your poll to appear on the Network page of the network. The default value of this field depends on the Show on Network Page setting for your network. Non-admins do not have the ability to set the Show on Network Page value for polls that they add to the network. The network administrator can toggle the Show on Network Page setting for any file that should appear on the Network page to Yes.