Working with Chats

Chats allow you to send instant messages to one or more people in your Clearvale network. When you chat with one or more people, the messages that you send are private among the assignees on the chat.  The chat thread is maintained in Clearvale until you delete it.

Enabling Chat for a Network

Chat is considered a premium service. To use it, it must be enabled for your account in the Clearvale Management Center. Then, the account manager needs to enable chat for the network. And finally a network administrator must enable chat for the network by selecting Admin>Network Administration and checking the Chats option under Network Features.

You can check if chatting is supported on your network by checking if your activity stream contains the Chats tab instead of the Messages tab.

Using Chat in a Network

You can work with chats in one of the following ways:

  • Use the Chats tab in the activity stream on either the Network page or your personal page.
  • Add the Chats widget to your personal page.

To start a new chat:

  • From the activity stream, click the Chats tab and then click More. On the My Chats page, click the  button.
  • From the Chats widget, click the Create Chat button in the footer of the widget.
  • Each chat must have at least one assignee. Additionally, you can add a chat title and description. If you omit a chat title, a default title is used based on the names of the chat assignees.
  • When you save your chat, if the assignees match the assignees on a previous chat, you are prompted whether to continue an existing chat or start a new chat.

To reply to a chat:

  • You are notified of new chat messages by a blue badge on the Chats tab of the activity stream. Click the Chats tab and the most recently updated chat thread is listed first. Click the chat title to display the chat detail pages. The content for the chat is spread over the following four tabs:
    • Assignment. This is the original chat description.
    • Participants. These are the people who are assigned the chat.
    • Attachments. Any files attached to the chat.
    • Comments. These are the messages that you have shared among the chat assignees.

The Comments tab is displayed by default. Enter your reply in the Note Editor and click Done to submit your reply.

  • You can choose from the following editor options:
    • Rich text editor, . Use this to display the full selection of editing options to format your chat comment.
    • Plain text editor, . Use this to type text with no formatting options.
    • Basic text editor, . Use this to type text with no formatting options. With this editor, pressing the Enter key submits your comment.
    • Image editor, . Use this to upload an image to the comment.
    • Audio editor, . Use this to upload a pre-recorded audio file or to record a new audio file to include in the comment.
    • Video editor, . Use this to upload a video file to the comment.

To manage a chat:

  • To add an attachment to a chat, click the Attachments tab and upload a file or associate a file you already uploaded to Clearvale.
  • To add or remove participants from a chat, click the Participants tab and click the  Add Participants icon.
  • To delete a chat, display the chats list page. Click …>Delete on the left-hand side of the page.

If you delete a chat, the entire chat thread is removed.

To add image and documents to a chat:

  • You can drag-and-drop an image into a chat thread by dragging the image into the Note Editor for the chat. The image appears in the stream of the chat comments.
  • You can drag-and-drop a document into a chat thread by dragging the document into the Note Editor for the chat. A link to the document appears in the current comment that you are editing, and the document itself is available from the Attachments tab for the chat.
  • You can click the Attachments tab for a chat and upload chat documents there as well. Hover the mouse over the button and click Upload to upload a file from your local computer or click Recent to include a file visible to you on the network.

To mark a chat comment as being read:

  • Click on the comment in the chat thread to mark it as being read. Or you can select …>Mark Read on the chat comment.
  • Each comment has a tracker regarding who last marked a comment as read and the total number of people who have marked it as read.
  • The following colors are used for the chat comments:
    • Yellow is used for your actions.
    • White indicates a comment that you have marked as read.
    • Gray indicates comments that you have not marked as read yet.
  • If you change your mind and want to mark a comment as not having been read yet, select …>Mark Unread for the chat comment.

Using Chats in a Community

If you are using the community chat feature, see Community Chats.