Newest Items

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

The Newest Items widget lets you keep track of the most recent creation of certain content on your network. When you place this widget on your Network  page or community page, the content that is displayed needs to be configured. You can set this widget to show one of the following types of content:

  • Newest blogs
  • Newest files
  • Newest forum topics
  • Newest members
  • Newest images
  • Newest videos

If you want to display the newest blogs and the newest members, place two Newest Items widgets on your page and configure one to show the newest blogs and the other the newest members.

To change the way content is displayed in this widget, the network administrator or community administrator can click Edit and change the settings:

  • Set how many items you want to appear in the widget at one time.
  • Choose the type of new content to display.
  • You can change the title “Newest Items.” For example, you might change it to “Newest Blogs.”
  • You can control who can see this widget.