Using Organizations

Clearvale lets you define an organization structure for your network. The organization structure can include one or more companies, divisions, departments, and teams.

To define the organization structure, display the Admin>Network Organization page. Check the Use Network Organization option and then click Save. Once you click Save, you see the Add Company link for defining the organization structure for your network.  Click the Add Company link to get started by adding a company name. You can then add either another company or one or more divisions within the company. Once you add a division, you can add an department. And within a department, you can add teams.

Your organization might look as follows:

When done defining the companies, divisions, departments, and teams for your network, click Save.

Once the organization structure is set up, network participants need to set their unique organization settings by clicking Edit Settings on their personal page.

Then, when assigning tasks to individuals or sharing files with others, network participants can find assignees by navigating the organization structure as opposed to finding assignees by name or group.

NOTE: When looking for someone in an organization, they may not appear where you think they belong. This may be due to them not having set their personal organization preferences yet via Edit Settings.