Creating Tasks

The easiest way to assign a task to someone in Clearvale is to hover your mouse over their profile picture in Clearvale and select Assign Task from the action list that appears. The Add Task page appears with the selected person listed as a task assignee. Finish defining the task by specifying at a minimum the task title and then clicking Save.

There are several other ways to create tasks in Clearvale:

  • Click the Tasks button on the shortcut icon bar and then click Add Task>Simple Task.
  • Click the Tasks link in the Profile Directory widget on your personal page and then click Add Task>Simple Task.
  • Place the Tasks widget on your personal page and click Add Task.
  • Upload a file to Clearvale and instead of clicking Save to saving the file, click Save & Add Task. 

Define the task as follows:

  • Enter a task name.
  • Optionally, specify a due date and description for the task. If you specify a due date, you can also set up a reminder for the task.
  • Optionally, select a task type:
    • Approval
    • Consultation
    • Directive
    • Invitation
    • Review
    • None (default)

Selecting a task type does not change how the task behaves, it simply helps the assignee have an idea of what is expected of them for the task. The exception is the Approval task type. If you select Approval, the states for the task are slightly different. And instead of the assignee completing a task, they approve it.

  • Optionally, flag the task as important by clicking the Flag icon.  When you flag a task as important, the Flag icon turns orange .
  • Optionally, add a task description. Add the details here the assignees will need to complete the task.
  • Assign people to complete the task by typing part of their name in the Assignees field. A popup appears with all possible matches where you can select the person to assign the task.
  • If you aren’t sure of the assignee’s name or you want to assign the task to a group of people, click Add Assignee.  The Choose Members page appears where you can:
    • Search or navigate to a person and assign the task to them.
    • Search or navigate to a group and assign the task to the entire group.
    • If your network administrator defined an organization, you can search or navigate to an assignee by using the organization structure.
    • Place a check mark next to the member name or group to which to assign the task and click Done. Note that if you select a group, each member of the group receives the task.
  • Specify if everyone to whom you assigned the task needs to complete the task (default) or if just one assignee needs to complete the task. Note that if you assigned the task to a group and then  selected that all assignees must complete the task, each member of the group will need to complete the task.
  • Click Save.

Creating Multi-Step Tasks

If you define a task with multiple steps, Clearvale keeps track of who needs to do the current step, and notifies the next person when it is their turn to complete a step within the task. If someone declines a step of the task (and the step is defined as requiring that person to complete it), the entire task is considered declined until the task owner reassigns that step.

To add steps to a task, use click +Step in the left-hand column of the Tasks page when creating or editing a task. When you click +Step, a new step is added to the task. Define the step similarly to how you define a task. For example:

  • Specify a name for the step.
  • Optionally, set the due date for the step. If you specify a due date, you can also set up a reminder for the task.
  • Optionally, add a description for the step.
  • Assign people to complete the step. If you already assigned someone to complete the task, that person is listed as needing to complete the first step that you define for the task. You can remove that person and add someone else if needed.
  • Specify if everyone to whom you assigned the step needs to complete the step (default) or if just one assignee needs to complete the step.
  • Continue clicking +Step as needed to add additional steps to your task.
  • When done defining the steps, click Save.

To change the order of the steps, use the Up and Down arrows when editing the task. To remove a step, select the step and then click the Delete icon above the due date.

Adding Attachments to Tasks

To add an attachment to a task, click either + Add From Local or +Add From Network on the left side of the Tasks page.

  • Use + Add From Local to attach a file from your computer. Click Select Files and then navigate to and select the file or files to upload. Click Done when you are done adding attachments for the task.
  • Use +Add From Network to attach a file that is already uploaded to your network. Use the Filter drop-down to control the files from which you can choose. Use All to see all files uploaded to the network or My Files to limit the files listed to just those that you uploaded to the network. Click the + Add button next to each file to upload to the task and then click Done.

Organizing Tasks into Folders

You can create folders in which to organize your tasks. To create folders, go to your tasks page and click Edit next to My Task Folders. You can create folders and subfolders for your tasks. To assign tasks to a folder, go to the detail page for the task and click Add to My Folders. Then pick the folder for the task.