Using Task Reminders


When defining a task, you can set up an automatic reminder to be sent to any assignee who has not completed the task. You can set reminders for the task as a whole or for individual steps within a task. To set a reminder, the task or task step must have a due date set. Once you choose a due date, you will see the Set up Reminder link where you can set the reminder. Reminders are only sent to task assignees who have not completed the task when the reminder is sent. Also, if someone declined the task, they do not receive a reminder.

In addition to setting reminder preferences when defining a task, you can manually send a reminder for any task you have assigned to network members. To manually send a task reminder, go to your Tasks page and click Created By Me to see the tasks you have created and assigned to others.  Click on the task to display its detail page. Click Send Reminder. Fine-tune who should receive the reminder and then click  Send. The reminder is sent immediately.