Setting a Color for Read Content in Activity Streams

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

You can specify a unique color to use for content links in the activity stream that have already been read (or at least viewed). To define a color for visited links, select Admin>Appearance>Advanced and set a color for these CSS styles:

  • #page_view a.updates-content-link:visited
  • a.updates-content-link:visited

To set a color for a CSS style, check the color style option checkbox, click in the text box that appears, and enter the Hexcode. (Alternatively, you can use the color picker that appears to enter RGB values, HSB values, or manually select the color. Click OK when done to close the color picker.) Click Save to save your CSS style changes.

If you have network participants using the Clearvale app on a mobile device, additionally set these CSS style values to change the color of visited links:

  • #content_wrapper a.updates-param-link:visited
  • #content_wrapper a.updates-content-link:visited

If you additionally want to change the color of visited spaces (such as the network name or community names) in activity streams, set a color for these CSS styles:

  • #page_view a.updates-param-link:visited
  • a.updates-param-link:visited