The Files widget lists files that have been uploaded to your network.

Notes about this widget:

  • In a Clearvale Enterprise network, this widget can appear on any page in your network. On a Clearvale Express network, this widget appears on community pages.
  • To change the way content is displayed in this widget, click Edit and change the settings:
    • You can change the title “Files.” For example, you might change it to “Resumes.”
    • You can control who can see this widget.
    • If you are placing this widget on the Network page, select the content space where you want the files to come from: network, community, or member profile. When you select community, you are prompted for the community name to use. When you select member profile, you are prompted for the member profile to use.
    • Decide which files to display in the widget. Select All to show all files from the content space specified. Or, select a particular file folder to limit the widget to displaying just files in the folder specified.
    • By default, five files are listed. You can change it to show more files.
    • Decide what type of files to display. Options are:
      • Folders. Display file folders.
      • Important Files. Display the files flagged as being important.
      • Recent Files. Display the most recently uploaded files.
      • Upcoming Deadlines. Display files by the deadline assigned to the file.

For complete information on working with files, including how to add files to your network, see Working with Files.