Embedding Videos from External Sources

If you maintain videos on a separate site, such as YouTube, you can embed (or reference) the video within Clearvale. For example, you might want your community to see a useful YouTube video on SOX compliance, but your organization has blocked access to the YouTube domain for certain staff members. By copying in the embed code from the site, staff can view the video within the Clearvale professional network that you set up.

The following video sharing sites are supported by Clearvale:

  • YouTube
  • Youku
  • Slideshare
  • Vimeo

To embed these videos in Clearvale, click Embed instead of Upload on the Add Video or Add File page. The Embed Code text box appears where you specify the embed code for the file. Note that to use an <iframe> path for the embed code, the video sharing site must first be enabled for your network by your network administrator. By default, <iframe> is supported for YouTube, YouKu, Slideshare, and Vimeo. Your network administrator may have approved other sites as well or disabled some of the sites listed here.

When you choose Embed, select a type from the Type drop-down to indicate how you want the file filtered. Your choice also determines in what type of widget, such as the images widget, video widget, and so on, that your embedded file can appear. Finish defining the file as any other file and then click Save.