Using Clearvale on a Mobile Device


Installing the Clearvale App

If you are using Clearvale on an Apple or Android mobile device, you can download the Clearvale app.

To download the Clearvale app on an Apple device:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for the word Clearvale.
  2.  Install the app like any other on your Apple device.

To download the Clearvale app on an Android device:

  1. Go to Google Play and search for the word Clearvale.
  2. Install the app like any other Android app.

To configure the Clearvale app to access your network:

  1. Click on the Clearvale app icon to start the app.
  2. Click Add a Network.
  3. Enter the network URL, such as
  4. Enter your Clearvale username (email address) and password.
  5. Click Go.

You will see a link for your network under the MY NETWORKS heading.

You can add links to more than one Clearvale network. For example, you might want to add a link to Clearvale Connect ( as well as your own network. To do so, click Add a Network again and repeat the above procedure.

Working with the Clearvale App

When using the Clearvale app for your mobile device, you can do many of the same activities as you can when working directly in Clearvale. When you start the app and select your network, the following buttons are provided on the main page:


Use the MyStreams button to display your activity stream or action items:

  • The Activities tab shows recent network updates. Select an item in the stream to read more, rate the content, or add a comment.
  • The Action Items tab shows any action items you have, such as tasks assigned to you.

You can also use this page to add a status update or upload a picture by clicking the    Status Update button. Write your status update and click Done. Your status update appears in the activity stream of your contacts.

You can also use the Status Update button to upload a photo. Click the Camera button to take a photo on your device or click the Photo button to upload a photo already saved to your device. Your photo is shared with the network and appears as an uncategorized file in your personal space.


Use the Chat button to display your chats. By default, all of your chats appear.

Click Individual to show chats specifically assigned to you or click Communities to show chats of which you are a member because you are a member of a community.

To start a new chat, click the   icon on the Chats page. You can add individuals to the chat or members of a community.


Use the Tasks button to manage the tasks that are assigned to you as well as the tasks that you created:

  • For the tasks that are assigned to you, you can accept, complete, or decline a task.
  • For the tasks you created, you can see the most recent tasks and their current state.

You can filter the task results by clicking the drop-down at the top of the page.

For tasks assigned to you, you can show All Tasks, or just tasks that are marked as Open or Completed. For tasks that you created, you can filter by All Tasks, or just tasks that are marked as Assigned or Completed.


Use the Members button to display a list of the network members. Use the Search field to find a particular person. For each person, you can see their latest activities, view files that are visible to you, or view their profile information. You can quickly call them if they have included a phone number or email them if they have provided an email address.

If you have a hybrid network, this button is named Participants. By default, all participants are listed. You can click the Members tab to list just network members or the Guests tab to list just network guests.


Use the Communities button to access all of the communities of which you are a member. Use the Search field to find a specific community. You can drill down into a community and see recent community activity, files, and general community information.

If you have a hybrid network, you can click the Guest tab to list just the guest communities or the External tab to list just the external communities.


Use the Network button to access the network activity stream and to view network files or forums. Note that when looking at a specific content item, such as a blog or file, you will see the  menu in the upper-right corner:

  • Click Show on Webto display a temporary page of the full web interface. Here you can conduct all tasks that you can within the desktop version of Clearvale. For example, you can add a file to a personal folder, add it to a task, and so on. Click the top-left corner of the page to dismiss the web view.
  • Click Save as Link to copy the URL link to the current item to the clipboard on your mobile device. Use can then paste the link into an email message, a text message, or another application. When you paste the link in a text editor, the URL for the activity appears.
  • Click Copy Reference to copy a reference to the URL link to the clipboard. When you paste the link in a text editor, it is labeled with the title of the activity.


Use the Saved Files button to access the files that you have previously downloaded and saved while using your mobile device. The files are organized according to those that were shared with you and those that you own. These files are always available, even when there is no internet connection. When an internet connection is made, these files are synched automatically with the Clearvale cloud and represent the latest versions of the files in Clearvale after the synch.

Additionally, you can access these files on your desktop browser by selecting My Page>Files>Saved in Mobile App.


Use the Recent button for links to recent communities that you visited, recent files that you uploaded, and recent profile pages that you visited.


Use the My Page button to access any files that you have uploaded to Clearvale. You can navigate your folder structure or use the Search field to find a particular file.

To view a file, you have two options:

  • Click the file type icon to download the document for viewing.
  • Click the Download icon to download the file for viewing and to save the file. When you save a file, it appears under the Saved Files button in the mobile app and on My Page>Files>Saved in Mobile App when viewing on a desktop browser.


Configuring Notification Preferences for Clearvale App

You can configure the notification preferences for Clearvale by going to Settings>Clearvale on your mobile device.  Click Notifications and then select Allow Notifications so that Clearvale notifications appear on your device.

Viewing Clearvale on a Mobile Browser

Clearvale supports mobile browsers such as Safari. If you use one of these browsers (as opposed to using the Clearvale app), you will see an abbreviated version of Clearvale designed for the small viewing area. Note that your network administrator can add a special landing page. In addition, they can turn this option off, which causes the full network appears in the mobile browser. For details, see Configuring a Site for Mobile Viewing.