Supported Video Formats

Note the following about the video formats that are supported for Clearvale:

  • Clearvale recognizes these video formats: MPEG4, MOV, FLV, AVI, and WMV (with limitations described below).
  • If you upload a video with one of these formats, it is converted to MP4 360p, MP4 720p, and/or WMV 360p, according to your network preferences.
  • If you upload a different type of video, you will need to download the video to view it, rather than watching it directly in Clearvale.
  • When you upload a video, Clearvale converts the uploaded video to the format or formats specified for your network. Options are:
    • MP4 360p, for lower resolution
    • MP4 720p, for higher resolution
    • WMV 360p, for lower resolution and viewing on Windows devices
  • On desktop browsers, video conversions for H264 and FLV are ready to play immediately. For other conversions, while the video is being converted, a conversion message appears in place of the video in Clearvale. The conversion message does not disappear until you refresh the page.
  • If you upload a WMV file, Clearvale may not be able to convert it. The conversion tool does not support all possible codec versions for WMV files. For example, MSS2 or G2M4 codecs are not supported. If your WMV file is not supported, convert the file to another type, such as MP4, and then upload it to Clearvale.