Adding Videos

When adding videos to Clearvale, you can either upload the file directly to Clearvale, or you can embed a video that resides on an external source, such as YouTube.

You can add videos to your network in the following places:

  • Videos widget. Use the Videos widget to provide access to all videos on your site or a subset of videos, such as the videos shared with a community or organized into a particular folder. You can place this widget on any page in your network.
  • Files widget. Use the Files widget to provide access to a combination of documents and videos.  You can place this widget on any page in your network.
  • Freeform widget. Use the Freeform widget for complete flexibility on how you want to integrate one or more videos into your network. You can place this widget on any page in your network.
  • You can insert a video to appear within other content in your network, such as within a blog or wiki page. (See below.)

Changing the Video Thumbnail Image

When you upload a video, the first image in the video is used as the preview image for the video (also known as the thumbnail). If you would like to choose a different thumbnail image, edit the video and select a different thumbnail for the video. Options are the first frame, the last frame, and three images gathered from the middle of the video.

Inserting Video or Audio Files Within Clearvale Content

To insert video or audio files within Clearvale content, such as within a blog, a wiki, or even within a comment, click the Upload/Insert Video  icon () in the text editor toolbar. The Add Audio/Video dialog box appears:

  • Click Browse on the Upload page to select a video or audio file to upload from your computer.
  • Click Search Content to search for a video or audio file that has been previously uploaded to your network. In the Search field, type one or more words that appear in the title or description of the file. You are limited to content that is readable to you in the network.
  • Click My Content to display a list of video and audio files that you have previously uploaded to the network.
  • Click External Source to use an embed code for the video to upload. You must enter a title for your video, enter the embed code, and then click Submit. (For more information, see Embedding Videos from External Sources.)

If you uploaded a video from your computer or embed a video from an external source, once you click Insert on the Add Audio/Video page, the content is uploaded to Clearvale and appears as an activity in the activity stream. The video is shared with the entire network, regardless of the share settings that are set for the content within which the video appears.