Using Internal Communities

BETA: If you have a hybrid network, you can create internal communities. Use these communities for collaboration with just network members.

Note the following about internal communities:

  • To create an internal community, select Communities>Internal Communities and then click Add Internal Community. Alternatively, you can click Communities and then click the Add Community button. When defining an internal community this way, you need to set the community type to Internal Community.
  • Internal communities may require an invitation or may be open for other network members to join.
  • Network administrators can create internal communities. Depending on how your network is configured, network members with the Writer role may also be able to create internal communities. (The Allow Writers to create and manage communities option must be checked on the Admin>Participant Administration page.)
  • You can convert an internal community to be a guest  or external community. Before converting an internal community,  be sure to remove any confidential content.
  • To see all the internal communities that are visible to you in the network, click the Communities tab. Then click the Internal Communities link.
  • To narrow the list to just the internal communities of which you are a member, select Communities>My Internal Communities.
  • If you have a public network, public users are unaware of any internal communities and their content.