Sina Weibo

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.
The Sina Weibo widget allows network members to share information with one another quickly using You can include posts from a specific person or topic on Sina Weibo.

Notes about this widget:

  • This widget can appear on any page in your network.
  • To configure this widget, click Edit:
    • Choose the Sina Weibos to display:
      • Select Follow a person to display Sina Weibos from a specific person. Enter a Sina Weibo user name in the Enter a user name field.
      • Select Follow a topic to display Sina Weibos pertaining to a subject. Enter text that describes the topic in the Enter a topic field.
    • Set the number of Sina Weibos to display. Five is the default, but you can change this to show more or fewer Sina Weibos in the widget at one time.
    • You can change the title “Sina Weibo.” For example, you might change it to “Weibos.”
    • You can control who sees this widget.
    • Click Save when done.