Running Security Reports

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Clearvale security reports are available by clicking Admin>Security. The following reports are available:

  • Login History. This report shows everyone who tried to log into your network during the selected month. For each attempted login, this report shows:
    • Whether the login was successful or not
    • Date and time of login.
    • Whether they logged in from a browser or from the Clearvale app on an Apple device
    • The IP address
  • Invalid Login Attempts. This report lists suspicious logins. A suspicious login is someone who attempts to login to a network four times unsuccessfully within a 5 minute period. For suspicious logins, the email address, login date and time, failure count, access type, and IP address are listed.
  • Content Access Log. This report shows the following for each piece of content viewed or downloaded:
    • Content identification, including content ID, name, and type
    • Person who viewed the content, including member ID, name, and email address
    • Access date and time
    • Access type (browser, iOS, or Android)
    • Host info (IP address where the content was accessed from)
    • Action type (View or Download)

The Content Access Log feature must first be enabled in the Clearvale Management Center. Once enabled, reports are generated weekly. At the end of the month, the weekly reports are replaced with a report for the month.

To view a report, select the time period for which you are interested and click Download Report. Note that reports are not generated until the end of the week (in the case of Content Access Log) or end of the month for the other reports.

The date and times shown in the reports are based on the time zone set for the network. To change the time zone for a network, go to Admin>Network Administration and select a different time zone for your network.

If you think  people are logging into your network using someone else’s login, individuals can see their own login history by clicking Login History in the footer of any Clearvale page.