Understanding CAP Scores

Each network member has a CAP score that is based on the following:

  • Connectivity. This metric measures the social reach of a member in the network – the number of people in the network the member has interacted with in the time period.
  • Activity. This metric measures the member’s activity – the number of activity points the member has earned in the time period.
  • Popularity. This metric measures the member’s popularity – how much the member’s contribution is valued by other people in the network.

All of these scores are normalized in the scale of 0-10. A member who achieves the activity points goal, earns an activity score of 7. For popularity and connectivity scores, when a member reaches network average, they earn a score of 7.

To earn a higher CAP score, a network member needs to work on increasing their connectivity, activity, and popularity. The range for a person’s CAP score is 0-10.