Network Dashboard Report

The Network Dashboard provides graphs that summarize recent activity in your network.

To use these reports, choose a time period for your reports. Monthly reports are the default value.  Then refer to one of the four sub-reports:

  • Member Login Trend shows the number of network members, the number of unique members that logged into the network during the time period specified, and the number of members with a CAP score of 0. Use this report to get an idea of the percentage of members logging in and how many are not participating at all.
  • Popularity & Activity Report offers two views—the Popularity and Activity View or the Connectivity and Activity View. In these reports, the red lines indicate members who are close to reaching benchmark for the network. The data, shown in a scatter diagram, represents each network member. Reaching 7 on both axis means that the member has met the goal for activity points or has reached network average for connectivity and popularity for the time period. These graphs give the network administrator an idea of how active, connected, and popular the network members are compared to each other.
  • Activity – Target Vs. Actual shows the network activity points goal for the current time period as well as the actual amount of activity points accumulated.
  • Network Content Breakdown shows a breakdown of the types of content added to the network.