Using Administrative Mode


As an Owner, Supervisor, or Moderator, you can toggle the “view” of your network to view all content, even content that isn’t shared with you. When viewing the network in this mode, you will see all content in all spaces, including content and communities that are private or set to “me only.”

To see all network content, hover the mouse over your name at the top of your network. Select Enter Owner Mode, Enter Supervisor Mode, or Enter Moderator Mode from the popup menu that appears.

While in administrative mode, your name appears in red. You can view and modify content that is owned by someone else while you are in administrative mode. For example, if someone posted some inappropriate content on your network, while in administrative mode, you can delete the content. You stay in this mode until you choose to leave the mode by selecting Exit Owner Mode, Exit Supervisor Mode, or Exit Moderator Mode from the same popup menu or logging out.