Cloning a Community

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Customers can subscribe to Clearvale Premium Services. One of the premium services available is Cloning. When you purchase this option and have the proper role, you see a Clone link display in the community. Click the link. On the page that appears, specify a name for your cloned community and whether or not you want to include members and content in the cloned community.

You have the option of cloning an entire community.  Cloning an entire community includes:

  • member data and member roles
  • files and folders (documents, images, and videos)
  • forums
  • events
  • polls (however, results are not cloned)
  • Twitter widget settings
  • Freeform widget content (links may need updating in newly cloned community)
  • Show on Network page settings
  • disable settings
  • comments

You can choose to not clone the members and content; if so, then only your community structure is cloned. This includes:

  • community description
  • community settings
  • widget layout
  • titles and display settings of each widget

NOTE: The only member in the new community will be the person who created the clone.

You can also clone entire networks. For information see Cloning a Network.