Recognizing Other Network Members

Network members can recognize other members of the network by giving them recognition gifts. The gifts are icons that appear on their profile page. You can optionally include a message along with the gift.  The possible gifts are:

To send recognition to a network member, display the member’s page. In the profile panel, under Recognition, click Send Recognition.

  • Include a message. (This is optional, but let’s the person know why you are recognizing their effort.)
  • Indicate whether the gift and message should be public or private. Select Public to let everyone see the message you wrote and to see that the gift was from you. People can see who sent the gift and any message by hovering the mouse over the gift. Select Private to let everyone see the gift, but they will not see the message you wrote and they will not know you sent the gift.
  • Select the gift to send.

The gift appears immediately on the member’s personal page. You may need to refresh the page to see the gift yourself.

Rating Other People’s Content

Additionally, you can recognize the effort of others in the network by rating content that they post. When you see the “Helpful?” question on content, and if the information is useful, click Yes. This gives you an activity point, and it gives the person who published the content a higher popularity score (which influences their CAP score).

Alternatively, if the information is not helpful or seems inappropriate for the network, you can negatively rate the content by clicking No to the Helpful? question. This gives you an activity point and decreases the popularity score of the member that published the content.

To change your vote, click the opposite value and toggle your vote from No to Yes or Yes to No. To remove your vote altogether, click your choice again to unselect it.