Earning Activity Points

Activity points are accumulated as you participate in your Clearvale network.

You receive 3 points when you:

  • Create new content. Content includes blog posts, files, wiki pages, forums, forum topics, bookmarks, events, and polls.
  • Create a community.

Additionally, you earn 1 point each time you do one of the following:

  • Update content
  • Rate content by answering Yes or No to the “Helpful?” question that appears for most network content. (The exception is when you rate forum topic replies. You earn 0 points when rating whether a forum topic reply was helpful or not.)
  • Add a comment on network content
  • Write a status update (or note)  in the “What’s on your mind?” field
  • Follow a network member, network content, or a community
  • Create a task, edit a task, mark a task complete, or decline a task
  • Edit community settings
  • Join a community, or invite other members to a community
  • Vote in a poll
  • Send or reply to a message
  • Write on the message board
  • Send recognition
  • Join a network
  • If your network allows it, invite others to join your network

Points are tallied for the current week, month, and quarter. A lifetime total is also provided—basically a grand total of your activity points since the network was created. The points are specific to the current network. Activity points influence your CAP score in a network.