Managing Community Roles

Each member of a community has a community role. Community roles include:

  • Owner. The person who creates the community is given this role. The owner can manage the community content, assign roles to other community members, and remove anyone from the community. Each community can have only one owner. Only the owner of the community can delete the community.
  • Admin. Community Admins have similar capabilities to the community owner with the exception of not being able to assign the Owner role to other community members and not being able to delete a community.
  • Member. This is the default role given to all community members.

To change roles for a community member, the owner clicks Manage Members, finds the community member, and selects a different role from the Community Role drop-down list. If the owner assigns the Owner role to another member, that member becomes the community owner and the previous owner is now a community admin.

To remove a member from a community, the owner or admin clicks Manage Members, finds the community member to remove, and clicks Remove.

Do not confuse community roles with network roles. Network members have a network role that determines how they can interact with the network in general. They also have community roles specific to any communities that they join. Note that network Administrators and Owners can:

  • Delete any community in their network.
  • Remove any member, other than the community owner, from a community.
  • Change community roles for community members.