Inviting Community Members


When you create your community, you determine whether to require invitations for membership or if people can join the community on their own without approval.

To invite new members to your community:

1. Go to your community and select Manage Members>Invite Members.

Set the Do you want to send invitations setting to Yes to email invitations to new community members.  Set it to No to directly add people to the community without sending an email invitation.

2. Type the name of the member or group to invite to the community.

Clearvale displays the members and groups that match the text you type. You can invite additional members  by typing additional names in the Choose Members field. You can also assign roles to community members as you invite them. The default role for invitees is Member. If desired, include a personalized message with the invitation.

3. Click Invite when done.

Once you send an invitation, you will see the member’s name listed on the Invitations page. Use the Invitations page to see whom you have invited to the community and whether or not they have joined the community. You can resend a community invitation if you think they might have missed the original email  invitation.

If you did not invite someone but the member is requesting to join your community, you will see the member’s name listed on the Join Requests page.

Network members can choose to join any community in the network that doesn’t require an invitation. They simply need to click the Communities tab to display all network communities and then click the Join link next to each community to join.

If you are using Clearvale Enterprise, also see Inviting Members in Managing Members for information about adding community members when you first invite them to the network.