Creating a Community

In Clearvale Enterprise, members with owner, administrator, and moderator roles can create communities. Depending on the network settings, writers can also create communities. When you create a community, you are considered the owner of the community.

In Clearvale Express, anyone can create a community.

To create a community,  select Communities>Add Community:

  • Optionally, upload a community icon.
  • Define your community by entering a community name, description, and contact information.
  • Define any community-specific tags you want community members to use when adding new content. When new content is added to the community, the content creator can associate one or more of the pre-defined tags with the content by selecting the tags from a drop-down list.
  • Determine community membership settings. The Open setting allows anyone to join and Invitation Only requires that you explicitly invite members to join.
  • Determine whether people are invited or directly added to the community.
    • Check Yes for Join Community With Invitation to invite people to join the community. In this case, people need to accept the request before they are added as members of the community.
    • Check No for Join Community With Invitation to automatically add people to the community.
  • Select people to invite or add to your community by either bulk importing people or individually choosing people. To bulk import, see the section below titled “Bulk Importing Community Members.” To individually choose people, enter their names in the  Choose Members field. As you start typing names, any matching members appear in a popup. Click on the names of the members to add to your community. If needed, include a personalized message with your community invitation. Adding members now is optional; you can add community members after you create and set up the community.
  • Define your community’s privacy settings. You can choose to have your community be visible to network members, community members, or if you are using Clearvale Enterprise, the general public. See below for more information on using the Privacy setting.
  • Select one or more folders in which you want your community to appear.
  • When adding a community as a network owner or administrator in Clearvale Enterprise, you have the option of flagging your community to appear in the Communities widget on the Network page. Non-administrators do not have the ability to set the Show on Network Page value for communities that they create. For these members, the Show on Network Page setting for their network determines whether or not the community will appear in the Communities widget on the Network page.
  • Click Save when done.

When you create a community, you are automatically following the community. That means the Activity stream on your personal page (click My Page) shows notifications about new or changing content in the community. To stop following a community, go to the community page and click  Stop Following.

Community Privacy

The community Privacy setting specified when you create a community determines the default Privacy setting for all of the widgets and content within the community.  If you set the Privacy for the community to Community Members, this value is used as the default Privacy setting for the widgets within the community and the content within those widgets. If you later edit the Privacy setting for a community, note the following:

  • The existing widgets and the published content retain their original Privacy setting.
  • You may need to manually edit the Privacy setting for content and widgets to match the Privacy setting for the community.
  • Any new widgets or content that you add to the community after changing the  Privacy setting for the community use the new community Privacy setting as the default value.

Community creators control the Privacy setting for each widget. However, community members can set more restrictive Privacy settings for individual content items that they share with the community. For example, a community member might choose to write a wiki page and set the Privacy to just Community Members, even though the Privacy for the community is set to Network Members. If the member leaves the community, they no longer have access to the wiki page or any content with the Privacy set to Community Members. The exception are the Owner, Supervisor, and Moderator roles. These roles can see all content when viewing the network in administrative mode.

Customizing a Community

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Once you create a community in Clearvale Enterprise, you can customize it by going to your community page, clicking on Edit Layout, and adding or removing the widgets you want to use. For example, you may not want community members to post photos on your community page. If this is the case you would remove the Images widget.

You can also change the layout used for the community page. Click Edit Layout and then select a layout to use for the page. Choose from Three Columns Wide Middle and Three Even Columns. The Three Columns Wide Middle layout applies a layout that creates a wider middle column. This wide middle column can be useful for the Community Activities widget, which can end up containing a lot of information since it allows community members to comment and respond to content directly in the widget. The Three Even Columns layout uses three even columns. Use this layout when you want your community page to have a more even, balanced look. Note that when you change the layout, the look of the widgets changes as well. Use the layout that makes the most sense for your community. Or, if you have a custom layout, you can use that as well.

If you are an owner, administrator, or moderator, you can determine whether or not a community will display on the Network page. For example, you might want a community named “HR Information” to appear in the  Communities widget on the Network page, but not a community related to leisure activities. To display a community on the Network page, go to the community and click Edit Settings.  Set  Show on Network Page to Yes.

Bulk Importing Community Members

You can invite or add multiple members to a community by uploading a plain text (.txt) or CSV (.csv) file that contains one person per line. This file should contain the following information for each community member:

  • email address
  • role: either member or admin

In a .txt file, create a new line for each person; separate the values for the person with commas. For example, to add a new user named Joe and assign him the member role, use this format:,member

In a .csv file, create a new row for each person, and separate the various values into different columns. For example: