Controlling Network Access


Limiting Membership to Particular Email Domains

You can control who can join or visit your network by setting network preferences on the Admin>Network Administration tab.

Limiting Access to Particular IP Addresses

Clearvale Enterprise also includes a Premium Service called IP Filtering that lets you additionally limit who can access a network based on the IP address of the computer or VPN (virtual private network) through which they access the network. To use this feature,  your Clearvale Account Manager needs to enable IP Filtering for the network in the Clearvale Management Center and specify the IP addresses that are allowed. For information on using this feature, see the Clearvale Account Manager Guide or contact your service provider.

Setting Password Expiration Period

You can control when Clearvale passwords expire for network participants. By default, Clearvale passwords do not expire. You can change this and indicate for passwords to be valid for 1 to 12 months.

To set password expiration period:

  1. Select Admin>Security.
  2. Check Enable password expiration.
  3. Select the number of months that passwords are valid
  4. Click Save.

When the allotted time passes for a network participant, they are prompted to change their password before being allowed to sign into the network.

Setting Browser Cookie Limit

To set the browser cookie limit, go to the Admin>Security page. Set the Browser Cookie Duration field to the number of hours that users remain logged into Clearvale despite a browser restart. The default setting is 720 hours (30 days). Save your changes.

Setting Session Idle Timeout

To set the session idle timeout, go to the Admin>Security page. Set the Session Idle Timeout field to the number of hours that you want people to remain logged in after inactivity. The default value is 48 hours (2 days). Save your changes.