Using Community Folders

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise.

Members with owner, administrator, and moderator roles can create community folders. Use folders when you have or anticipate having several communities. Organizing communities in folders helps your network members find the communities in which they might be interested in joining. Or, if members belong to several communities, the folders can help them find a community they want to visit. Community folders are limited to one level. For example, you can have a community in a folder named Marketing, but you cannot create another folder within Marketing named Collateral. However, you can have a community belong to more than one folder.

To create a community folder, click Communities and then click Edit in the Community Folders box.

  • Click Add Folder, then specify a name for the folder.
  • The community folder is visible to anyone clicks the Communities tab and looks at the Community Folders box.

Once you create some community folders, anyone who can can create communities in your network can add the communities to the folder.