Configuring a Site for Mobile Viewing

By default, when you view a Clearvale network on a mobile browser, such as Safari, Clearvale provides a simplified user interface defined for mobile viewing. If you want the full site to appear on mobile browsers instead of the simplified site designed for mobile viewing, as the network administrator, select Admin>Mobile. Then check the Disable the mobile version of website for this network option and click Save.

Assuming that you have not checked the previous option, you can configure an optional page that facilitates using your network on a mobile device. The Important Items page provides a quick link to the detail page of specific network members or communities. To configure this page, click Admin>Mobile.

  • To add an Important Items page to your network when viewed in a mobile browser, check the Activate checkbox.
  • To make the Important Items page the initial page displayed when your network is viewed in a mobile browser, check the Use as Landing Page checkbox.
  • To change the name of the Important Items page, enter a different name in the Page Name text box.
  • To use the Important Items page, you need to identify the people and communities considered “important,” and identify them for your network.
  • Click Save when done.