Managing Passwords

To change your password, select My Page>Edit Settings>Account Settings. Change your password under Account Password and then click Save.

Your new password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one letter and one number. Repeating characters are not acceptyable (such as aaaaaaa1 or abababa1).

If you lose your password you can obtain a new one from Clearvale. From the login page, select the Lost Password link. When the Lost Password page appears, enter your  email address and some verification characters, and then click Request. A new password is sent to you through email.

Your network may be configured so that your password expires periodically. If it expires, you will be prompted to change your password before you can log into the network.

NOTE: You can create multiple networks and belong to multiple networks using the same login. For example, using the email address of as your login, you might belong to a Clearvale network at the gaming company at which you work and also join a Clearvale network that a vendor administers. When you do this, the password associated with the email address remains the same in each network.

For example, if you go to your profile in the gaming company network and change your password, your password for the vendor network is also updated. Additionally, if you later join another network using ann@omnigamez, you continue to use the same password. This association between email login and password helps to reduce confusion if you belong to many networks.