Managing Member Content

Owners, Supervisors, and to some degree Moderators can perform tasks such as deleting or disabling items that they did not create. If an item seems inappropriate for the site, any member can report the item to the site administrators.

To edit or delete some content:

  • Go to the item. Select the item that you want to change and click the Edit link or the Delete link. If you choose delete, all comments associated with the item are deleted, too.

Owners,  Supervisors, and Administrators  also have the option of disabling members who post inappropriate material. See Disabling Members.

This following features are specific to Clearvale Enterprise:

To report an item:

  • From the page in which the item appears, click the Report link. In the page that appears next, describe why you are reporting the item. Click on Report this when done.

To check and see if any content has been reported on a site that you administer:

  • Go to Admin>Reported Content. You can select Delete it or Archive it. If you select Delete it, the report about the content item is deleted from the network (not the content item). If you select Archive it, the report is archived. If you want to delete an item that someone has reported, click on the link provided in the report. You will be taken to the item. From there, you can select the delete link to delete the item. You can also manage reported content messages in the Action Items tab in the Activities block on your personal page or in the My Streams widget on the Network page.