Setting Up Your Profile

All members have individual network profiles. You can edit your own profile by selecting My Page>Edit Settings.

Setting up your personal information

Use the Edit Profile tab to add a photo of yourself and set information about yourself:

  • To add a photo, under Upload a new photo, click Browse or Choose File to select a photo of yourself. Then click Upload. You are then given a chance to create a thumbnail image. Create a thumbnail if you have some extra space that you want to crop out of the picture. Your thumbnail image will appear next to any content that you add to the network. Click Create Thumbnail when done.
  • To change how your name appears throughout the network, change the values in the First Name, Last Name, or Display Name fields.  By default, your first and last name appears throughout the network. Use the Display Name field to override this behavior and instead use a different name throughout the network. For example, you might want to be referred to as Dr. James Cannon instead of Jim Cannon.
  • Specify additional information about yourself. Default fields include Title, Company, Department, Email, and so on. The exact fields that you see are determined by your network administrator. If you edit the Email field here, it is for display purposes only.
  • If your network has an organization structure specified for it, you will see drop-down lists for the Company, Division, Dept, or Teams fields. To use a predefined setting for one of these fields, first uncheck Manual input and then select a value from the drop-down list. Organizations are optional and are defined by the network administrator.
  •  When done making changes, click Save.

These features are specific to Clearvale Enterprise:

  • For each profile setting, you can set the privacy to determine who can see the information. For example, if you have a network open to the general public, you might not want to let everyone see your phone number and email address. Set the values to Me to limit to just you or Network Members to limit to just network members who are signed into the network.
  • Use the Current Projects text box to specify details about the projects that you are currently working on.

Customizing your Clearvale account settings

Use the Account Settings tab to set your preferred language, change your Clearvale password, and manage your Clearvale email addresses.

Note the following about Clearvale email addresses:

  • You can specify up to three email addresses to receive Clearvale notifications.
  • To add email addresses, click the icon. Enter the email address in the text field that appears and click Save. Then log into the email account that you specified and look for the Clearvale confirmation email address. Click the confirmation link to complete the process.
  • After you confirm the new email address,  a  link named  Make Primary appears next to the new email address. Click Make Primary to change the email address that you use to log into Clearvale.  Once you change your primary email address, you can no longer log into Clearvale with the original email address.

This feature is specific to Clearvale Enterprise:

  • Use the Make me anonymous on this network setting to be anonymous on the network.  For more information on being anonymous, see here.

Customizing your notifications

Use the Follow & Activity Settings tab to control the content that appears in your Activity stream. You can also set some notifications that you want to appear in your email inbox. For more details on controlling what appears in the Activity stream and email notifications, see Managing Your Activity Stream and Configuring Email Notifications. When done making changes, click Save.