Approving Members

The network’s invitation settings might require that a network administrator approve the membership requests of people who want to join the network. If this is the case, they receive an e-mail notification when someone not invited by them wants to signs up for the network. Additionally, they can use the Admin>Member Administration page’s tabbed menu choices to see information about the network’s member population. Administrators also use these tabs to approve or reject membership requests:

  • Members contains the list of current site members and a drop-down menu to select the network role for each user.
  • Pending Invitations contains a list of email addresses to whom you’ve sent invitations. Date sent is also listed.
  • Members Awaiting Approval contains the list of people who want to join your network and whom you have not yet approved. You can approve or reject membership requests here.
  • Pending Validation contains a list of people who registered to join your network, but did not follow through and click the email confirmation that was sent to them by the network.
  • Rejected contains the list of people who wanted to join your network and were not allowed.